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Law Enforcement Seminar

The City of Dearborn Police Department recently hosted a monumental full-day seminar with Supreme Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje of the Pekiti Tirsia system of Kali. Participants included patrol officers, defensive tactics instructors, SWAT members, Canadian metro police and Royal Canadian Mounted Police personnel. Following an introduction by Guro Jeff Davidson, chief instructor of the…
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Bantangas in Detroit!

In my years in the martial arts, I have been blessed to cross paths with some truly great teachers and practitioners. In the Silat world, Guru Hassan Ali (Brandt Smith) of KSMA; Pendekar Agus Hiriyadi of Setia Hati Terate; Pendekar Gus Fud of Perguruan Macan Putih; Guru Gorka Echarri of Cimande; Saiful Azraq of Silat…
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Balikatan 2005

In February 2005, Guro Jeff Davidson, Dean L.Hadin and Michael Jagod traveled to the Philippine Islands to conduct intense, high-level Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Edged/Impact Weapons training for the highest echelons of the Philippine Military, Police,and Counter-Terrorism units. Guro Davidson and his assistants, under the auspices of Supreme Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje, personally instructed over…
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Tactical Pistol Seminar #2

The year is certainly off to a great start. Just this past weekend we had our first seminar of the New Year, and it ranked up there as one of the best martial arts classes we’ve had in recet memory. As with almost all of our seminars, this one was strictly “in-house”. We’ve come to…
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